David Bovino

Founding Partner at Bovino & Associates PC

David Bovino has established a formidable presence in the legal field, with his career spanning Miami, Florida; Aspen, Colorado; New York City, New York; and Los Angeles, California. Renowned in the legal community, his life is additionally enriched by his enthusiasm for global travel and competitive sports, highlighting his well-rounded character.

At the helm of Bovino & Associates PC, he has been vital in crafting the firm's reputation for managing intricate legal cases with outstanding results. His proficiency in the legal domain is underscored by his balanced representation of plaintiffs and defendants in various areas of litigation. His career is marked by significant achievements, such as securing a $22 million verdict in a medical malpractice case in Santa Clara County, a $25 million settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit, and representing high-profile clients. A significant $3 million settlement in a critical case further demonstrates his insight into corporate litigation.

His approach to law is anchored in his educational background, where he developed a philosophy that combines assertiveness with innovative strategies tailored to the unique legal needs of his clients. His commitment to excellence extends beyond the courtroom, as seen in his active role in the YPO-WPO Aspen Chapter, an elite international assembly of business leaders and entrepreneurs. As one of its founding members, he has exhibited impressive leadership and networking skills.

His life exemplifies a relentless drive for excellence in his professional and personal pursuits. His remarkable legal skills and his array of interests and passions define him as a formidable lawyer and a person with a diverse and enriched life. His story is one of unwavering dedication to his legal career and the experiences and relationships that shape his journey.

Litigation Leadership with David Bovino

"We are known for our creative, aggressive litigators and willingness to take on challenging cases. We outthink and outflank our opponents and understand how to win for our clients. We have extensive trial experience and are always trial-ready, representing plaintiffs and defendants in every area of litigation. We are committed to pursuing aggressive and innovative approaches to our client’s most challenging legal matters."

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